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Super Smash Bros Brawl DVD9 - Wii Iso+Wbfs - PlayReady
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Hi Wii and general games fans ...

Play this famous title for the Wii on the emulator or in a real console ...

General INFO :

- Perfect Straight Rip from the DVD9 with all the files included , quality ripping applied to audio and videos with great ripping tools

- On the emulator is game going with the emulator configurated after a close 13 minutes conversion work to get the wbfs on the emulator folder and start immediatly the game , for the real console use the wbfs file after the conversion work or use the included wbfs to iso converter tool to get the iso of the game , straight work with all the files of DVD9 , the converted ISO will work with no problems on Scrubber if the user want to take a look ... 


Following its predecessors, Brawl uses a battle system unlike that of typical fighting games. Players can choose from a large selection of characters, each attempting to knock their opponents off the screen as they fight on various stages. The characters in Brawl include most of the same ones as the predecessors, such as the well-known Mario and Pikachu. Instead of using traditional health bars that start at a maximum value and lose value, Brawl characters start the game with 0%; the value rises as they take damage and may rise over 100% to a maximum of 999%. As a character's percentage increases, the character flies further back when hit. When a character is knocked beyond a stage's boundary and disappears from the screen, the character loses either a life, a point, or coins, depending on the mode of play. Brawl includes a function which allows players to create profiles with personalized button configurations for each control method along with their chosen username.

The characters in Brawl fight each other using a variety of attacks, that give the player a wider selection than the predecessors. Players execute each move by pressing a button in conjunction with a tilt of the control stick or a press of the D-pad, depending on the mode of control. In addition to basic attacks, characters have access to more powerful moves, known as smash attacks. Each character has four unique moves, which often cause effects besides damage to an opponent. Brawl introduces the ability to perform character-specific super attacks, referred to as "Final Smash" moves. Significantly more powerful than regular attacks, these moves have a wide variety of effects that range from nearly unavoidable blasts to temporary transformations. Final Smash moves can be performed by destroying a Smash Ball: a colorful, glowing, orb-like item bearing the Smash Bros. logo that floats around each stage every so often depending on the selection of items that were set before the start of the match.

* enjoy ...


Hi Wii and general gamers and this comment it is to say that was a big pleasure get the opportunity of work this famous game title for the Wii console , i used all the files included on the DVD9 and i used great ripping tools that keeps confortable quality during the gameplay on audio and video , not a single file missing and this work was tested inside the game showing no problems in anyway and with game looking really natural besides the ripping work , so lot of work in a nice way for a Wii famous great game title ... on the emulator the game start immediatly , for the real console wbfs and iso availables ... happy games to all of you and we see all each other here at piratebay ...
Hi again and i need to make quick note , not about the general work or the file but for distraction but doesn´t really matter i leave it the cd cover of the Crystal Bearers game on the game folder , so forgive me for this little distraction , about the game nothing to mention ... happy game ...
Couple of comments:
- You should install 'USB Loader GX' or equivalent on your Wii. Insert the DVD, click the button, wait a bit, and there's the backup file on your SD card or USB stick
- RAR in general on TPB suck, don't archive ISO nor WBFS
the 13minscoversion is not working its not even showing up...?what should i do.....zzZZZZz!!!!
It's not working.
Only a blank screen of Dolpin Emu and nothing happens when clicked on "GAMEconverter(~13minwork-conversion and play).exe".
globeplus , can you upload a video to show the instructions?