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Robert Crumb - Book of Genesis (Underground - Restored)
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Robert Crumb Robert Crumb Restoration Proje Underground Comic Book Book of Genesis
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'The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb'
W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2009
Translation by Robert Alter, rev. by R. Crumb

The Robert Crumb Restoration Project

- Caveats - Admonitions - Indicium - Edoceo - 

1. What is this? Well, it's an attempt to supply as much Robert Crumb as possible in the highest quality possible. All of the books (as needed) will have undergone my usual 'Restoration' process. However, in this case, from book to book I've attempted to keep everything looking as alike as possible, as if Robert Crumb had been releasing a long running monthly over the last ten years. All the pages are the same size. All pages are bright white with solid greys and crisp black lines, as little bleed though as possible (in almost all cases, that means none at all) and vibrant color wherever it exists (front and back covers, etc).

2. A lot of people will already have some or all of these files in their original form. If you are OK with them as they are, don't download these! Some people won't care that these look completely different, or will think they should look the way they've always looked and I totally respect that point of view.

3. Please know before you start that if you intend to download everything it will eventually be MORE than 6 GB of files.

Phase One: Books by Robert Crumb alone (in all but a couple instances) scanned cover to cover.

Phase Two: The Complete Crumb volumes that I have ready at the moment (12 of 17). These books run chronologically and contain work from Crumb's own cover to cover books, as well as all the pieces he contributed to other various artist underground comics and periodicals of all sorts. As such, these books will have work from Phases One and Three, as well as work not available in either. 

Phase Three: The Various Artists Collection. All the books I have that Crumb contributed to, scanned and 'Restored' cover to cover, so as to include the work of the other artists and writers involved.

Phase Four: Whatever I find after the fact that would have gone in Phases 1-3 if I had it at the time.


Part of the 'Restoration' process is done to make it possible to enlarge these images. As such, after you have opened the files in a comic book reader some of you may actually need to shrink them down a bit to improve the image quality.


Mr. Spock hi again M8 ,I have DL'ed several of your Masterfully Restored Books and am seeding away to others ,however I can not open any of them they are in a CBZ File ,what do I need to open them ?Now that they are Downloaded what do I do ?Thank You for your assistance and dedication to your work ")
Oh hey 1EdgyGuy. I hope you were able to figure this out and start enjoying these books by now. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

You need a comic book reader. They are free and abundant. Some good ones are...


My personal favorite is GonVisor, but most people use one of those other three, I believe. All of them are free, too. If you're on a Mac there is something similar available, I'm sure.