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Madden 11 [NTSC] [PS2]
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2010-08-19 20:06:12 GMT

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Madden 2011


Madden NFL 11 is the 22nd annual release in video gaming's longest-running and best-selling sports series. With a number of refined features, the 2010-released game aims to make play more accessible and efficient, without sacrificing the depth and flexibility valued by hardcore gridiron strategists. The new "GameFlow" system puts gamers in the position of the quarterback, suggesting suitable play-calls that can be quickly selected through a streamlined interface. By making it easier for gamers to immediately locate and select the most commonly called plays in each situation, the system can reduce the real time a full four quarters of football  takes, however, virtual coaches still have the option to pull up over 350 pre-designed plays, or to create their own. Following a trend in recent Madden games and other EA Sports titles, the default control schemes in NFL 11 rely more heavily on the two analog sticks, instead of multiple button-press sequences. Madden NFL 11 features all the contemporary arenas, teams, and players of the real-life league, including cover-athlete Drew Brees, quarterback and MVP of the Super Bowl 44-winning New Orleans Saints. The voices of Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth provide play-by-play and color commentary.

Enjoy & please help seed


Thanks goes to "lionsfan420" as hes the main uploader to this torrent..
Torrent has been linked to lionsfan420's torrent for a higher peer/seeder tree..
*double post

ScottieB99: stated that the game DOES WORK with both ESR & HDLOADER..
thank you thank you thank you
THE game works great..but no online play? Whats up with that?
someone uploaded it, but I think, and Im sorry if Im wrong, tthat the game uploaded isnt really madden 11 , but madden 10 with little changes, werent the players supposed to have things like swagger and other new stuff? they dont have these things, and when u start a superstar , the other rookies drafted are from the last year class
I am gonna download it,
I'll let you know if it's good or dad.
Any way Thanks for the Up!
It's working fine, But how it's could be only 1.34GB?
When the last Madden 10 bigger than this it's 1.52GB!
Any way it's working fine with my moded PS2
I guarantee you this is Madden 2011..

I dont know why the size is smaller nor do I know whats with the roster update..

Put it this way.. This is going to be the last Madden game out for the PS2 so enjoy..

I would suggest going to the next Gen for up to date rosters as well as online play (PS2 version of Madden does NOT include online play)

If I could edit the description I would..
In the mean time enjoy everyone,
CivicScootin is right about the game it's Madden 11 and it's the latest version for PS2. I found original disk yesterday and both disks are same size.
So this is the copy of original one!
Thank you for confirming this..

Guys I never try to to screw anyone over and the last thing Im going to do is screw someone over a video game that I upload..

Enjoy everyone,
hi, i downloaded this torrent and was wondering if i needed to have a certain program to run it or could anyone tell me how to get it on a disk plz help i'm new at this and i really want to learn
Im sure you figured it out by now but if not use ESR Patcher to patch the disk.. Then run it via ESR (Google is your friend)..

If you have a modchip just burn with any burning software (I use ImageBurn)..

If you have a HDD on your PS2 just install the ISO to hdd by FTPing the ISO to the HDD (via Hard Drive Dump Helper) or use WinHIIP..

Remember that google is your friend on issues as well as tutorials on how to burn and play backup games on a PS2 system..

i downloaded this game and followed instructions on how to burn it but it didn't work. Can someone else inform me on how to burn an iso file and have work for a ps2. email me if you want and just put it in title. [email protected] thank you would defintly like some more info.
aight ive tried so many different ways and still haven't got it to work yet. needing some serious help. no mod and no swapmagic just a ps2 itself. whats the damn secret.
I dont see what the issue is..
Any and all systems need to be modded in some way in order to play any burned or ripped media..
You ither need a modchip installed or have the system softmodded in order to play any ripped games..
Please do some research before you make clams on my uploads not working next time
stuck at 99.7..anyone got a seed for about a minute? i'll seed for a good while once i got it
works great .no problem with ESR
Does this torrent work with PCSX2 0.9.6 southwind? or any other emulator? :P
Does anyone have MAdden 12 to upload?