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Frank Frazetta - A Retrospective [ADULT]
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2010-05-11 15:30:34 GMT
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To commiserate the passing of Frank Frazetta, who died of a stroke on May 10, 2010, here is Icon: A Retrospective by the Grand Master of Fantastic Art.

The incredible paintings of Frank Frazetta have brought him worldwide fame, legions of loyal fans, and scores of imitators. His darkly dramatic Conan the Barbarian oils and the equally powerful and erotic compositions for the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs have become the ultimate standards of excellence in the fantasy and adventure field. Icon was Franzetta’s first major retrospective in his 55-year career and showcases over 65 major finished oil paintings, 25 drawings, and other pieces. 

Due to nudity this torrent comes with an ADULT rating.

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RIP Frank, you will be well and truly missed, especially by art lovers worldwide. :'(

Anyway, hopefully you're happy now, reunited as you are with your wife of 50+ years once more, and rid of your good-for-nothing disgusting progeny who apparently couldn't even wait for you to pass away before beginning to fight over your priceless paintings, even stooping to stealing them from you.

Sickening to see how avaricious talentless kin can be, and I really do wish you'd bequeathed all your art to a public museum before passing away, so that we who truly appreciate it could get to view it whenever we pleased, rather than have it disappear overnight into some private collector's collection, never to be seen again.
umm, ajones81 Frank jr. stole the paintings to prevent them from being sold by his brothers and sisters running the hotel.
His art is the best. Is there a possibility soeone has uploaded the death dealer series? Thanks
A good quality eBook. Thank you.