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2007-12-08 08:38:16 GMT
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Stargate.Atlantis.S04E10.DSR.XviD-0TV 2007-12-08

               ÛÛÛÛÛÛ  ÛÛÛÛÛ              ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ
               Û°°°°Û  Û°°°Û             Û°°°°°°°Û    Ascii by         
               Û°°°°Û  Û°°°Û            Û°°°°°°°°°Û             
               Û°°°°Û  Û°°°Û            Û°°°ÛÛÛ°°°Û   Christley  
               Û°°°°ÛÛÛÛ°°°Û            Û°°Û   Û°°Û
               Û°°°°°°°°°°°Û   ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ  Û°°Û   Û°°Û  ÛÛÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛÛÛ
               Û°°°°°°°°°°°Û  Û°°°°°°°Û Û°°Û   Û°°Û  Û°°°°Û  Û°°°Û
               Û°°°°°°°°°°°Û  Û°°°°°°°Û Û°°Û   Û°°Û  Û°°°°°Û Û°°°Û
               Û°°°°ÛÛÛÛ°°°Û  Û°°ÛÛÛÛÛ  Û°°Û   Û°°Û  Û°°°°°°ÛÛ°°°Û
               Û°°°°Û  Û°°°Û  Û°Û       Û°°°ÛÛÛ°°°Û  Û°°°Û°°°Û°°°Û
               Û°°°°Û  Û°°°Û  Û°°ÛÛÛÛÛ  Û°°°°°°°°°Û  Û°°°ÛÛ°°°°°°Û
               Û°°°°Û  Û°°°Û  Û°°°°°°°Û  Û°°°°°°°Û   Û°°°Û Û°°°°°Û

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rar files? For a video that is already compressed? Even if it isn't password protected, that's just lame. It makes the download bigger, because of the useless headers, and less convenient.

Here is a torrent with just the avi file:
WinterKnight99 are fucked stupid link to other no fucking Respekt, at all lol!!!!!!!!!!!
he winterknight i prefer to download rar files with highspeed instead of downloading avis with low speed *LOL*
I agree with WinterKnight99, why pack files witch already are packed? they take up more harddiskspace when I seed, I need to have them twice, one for my seeding and one for my viewing.

Now I have lots of hd space but Its like that when my space runs out, I have to stop seeding prematurely to be able to get the next file out of spaceproblems, so even if my ratio is 1.1 it could have been maybe 1.6 if you guys did not pack the files.

That said: thatnk you so very much for every uploader here and on other torrent sites, you guys are heroes in my eyes and so are the torrent sites staff. Keep 'em cumming :P But please remember unrared files are easier to share, takes the burden of you seeding ;)
By the way super fast dl, while I wrote the stuff above it was dl'd - time 7.1 min :) Thats how we like it :)
Fuckin internet noobs whining about rars.

Put your computer back in the box you got it in and return it to the store labeled: "I am a noob."
just what i said millenium . the avi wich i started at the same time is still at 40% while i watch this one allready :P *LOL*
btw - thnx He0n
when stargate atlantis episodes are airing

1 Adrift - - 28 september 2007
2 Lifeline - - 5 oktober 2007
3 Reunion - - 12 oktober 2007
4 Doppelganger - - 19 oktober 2007
5 Travelers - - 26 oktober 2007
6 Tabula Rasa - - 2 november 2007
7 Missing - - 9 november 2007
8 The Seer - - 16 november 2007
9 Miller's Crossing - - 30 november 2007
10 This Mortal Coil - - 7 december 2007
11 Be All My Sins Remember'd - - 4 januari 2008
12 Spoils of War - - 11 januari 2008
13 Quarantine - - 18 januari 2008
14 Outcast - - 25 januari 2008
15 Midway - - 1 februari 2008
16 Trio - - 8 februari 2008
17 Harmony - - 15 februari 2008
18 The Kindred, part 1 - - 22 februari 2008
19 The Kindred, part 2 - - 29 februari 2008
20 The Last Man - - 7 mars 2008
I am all with WinterKnight99, not doing namecalling. That is sooo childish. But Rar's do take up larger space on the hard drive and they also generate more IP packets when downloading them so we have to recieve more data before complete the film. Ok, not much like 0.5%-1% of the data if not less. But with the extra files for the rar's I have to unpack them to view them.

I download from :

Enjoy your extra bytes of datahell
I'll have to agree with millennium5 and WinterKnight99 on this one. Rar files are just more time-consuming ! Apart from the repacking redundancy there's also the fact that you have to unpack those files before viewing the movie (and/or after downloading a game) and if you have a small windows partition (where the temp unrar files are unpacked) you can't unpack files over 5-6gb (which obviously isn't the case here). Still, raw files are sooooo much better !
When a torrent file is created , the avi file is split up into 'pieces' at the originating PC and the error checking info is generated and contained in the torrent file. EVERY piece that you download is checked using the torrent file info and discarded if wrong. Further, the offending sender of the 'faulty' piece is blocked if too many are sent. For an already compressed file, RAR's are ABSOLUTELY USELESS and only serve to HIDE 'dodgy/fake' and 'passworded' contents.
Rar files are GREAT!!!! if you are not allowed to download the files... makes it harder to track what ppl are downloading....

so unless u got permission from Sci-fi channel or what ever rar files are better unless u wanna pay the fines!
@ dwk-12, He0n

Weither i like it depends on the releaser. On SG dls they mostly are a lot faster, because of the honest sharers.

And honest sharers is so out of place when we're copying others content, but hey they don't broadcast it till end 2008 over here.
Lets call them professional sharers instead.
First, tnx for the upload HeOn, second, I'd rather redownload 1 rar file that had a crc error than a whole avi file, which says itself is more time comsuming than unpacking an archive, however both works for me, can't understand what the complaining is about, if you don't want it leave it and stop bitching.
nederlands ondertitels site
"Torrent files bomb out all the time."
"I'd rather redownload 1 rar file that had a crc error than a whole avi file,"
"can't understand what the complaining is about,"

You clowns should get your money back from your ISP. The "complaining" is about doing something correctly. rars are obsolete. When did you last use a floppy?